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COLLEGE UNION INAUGURATION FOR THE YEAR 2010-2011 College Union was inaugurated by Adv. K.B Sabu, President Kalady Grama Panchayat and Arts club was inaugurated by Si. Kuzhoor Narayana Marar on 10th December 2010


As part and parcel of curricular transaction as well as imbibing the spirit of teacher education so many activities were organized. A number of opportunities are provided to the students to develop their skills and talents at various levels and so many seminars, debates and discussion are arranged to enhance social interaction and participation of friendly competitive attitude. Picnics, field trips and tours are arranged to have the knowledge of outside world. We celebrate every year the Independence Day, Republic Day and other important National festivals to instil patriotic attitude of the students Onam celebration, Christmas and Id-Ul-Fither are celebrated to create secular tendency among students. We conduct Debate, Quiz programmes and brain storming session to widen the general knowledge of the students. As part of the SUPW of the B.Ed curriculum the students participated in the campus cleaning programme and beautification of the institution by planting a number of beautiful plants. Book binding, flower making, fabric painting are imparted to the students to develop their practical skills. The inauguration of the college Union and Arts club day was celebrated. Seminar on woman empowerment was organized. Annual day, sports day and arts festival are the regular features of activities of the college every year.
Clubs Activities
The functioning of various clubs in the college is commendable. Natural club, Language club, Science clubs, Social Science clubs, Commerce club, General service league and woman cell are functioning well. Students are enthusiastically participated in the different activities organized by these clubs and thus students are able to acquire extra knowledge for their academic life.
Nature club :
The eco-club can successfully create an awareness of environment conservation among students. They can actively take part in environment friendly activities like campus cleaning, beautification and gardening medicinal plants. One of the outstanding programme was the Junior Science Congress. This programme was aimed to foster the scientific aptitude among the secondary schools students. The club planted seedlings in different part of the college campus to spread the message of afforestation and spread of environmental education.
Literary Club :
Used to conduct debates, discussions, seminars, quizzing and language courner to enrich the linguistic skills among students.
Science Club :
The main objective of the club is to develop general interest in science. Accordingly it carried out the activities in connection with acquiring scientific knowledge. It conducted seminars science quiz programmes, exhibition and workshops. It published one science magazine and carried out field trips to the places of scientific importance.
Health Club :
The main objective of the club is to create awareness about the healthy way of living. It conducted seminars and interactive session on health problems by experts. It is useful to find out the health problem of the children at an early stage to provide remedial teaching.
Debate Club :
The main objective of the debate club is to develop the students talents to become good orators. Great scholars and dignified personalities participated in debate arranged by the club.
Social Science Club :
This club is aimed at developing a sense of co operation and consideration for his fellow being through various activities. This club conducted social surveys and field trips to interact with rural population.
Parent Teacher Association
Well organized PTA is functioning in the college to add the parallel care for the students.
Field Trip and Excursion
Optional wise field trips were arranged to different places of educational importance and also one education tour was made to Trivandrum & Kanyakumari and another to Hyderabad make the students to acquaint with direct experiences of life.
Independence day, Republic Day, Teachers day, Keralapiravi, Onam and X mas festivals, College inauguration, Sports and annual day, Talents day were celebrated in its true spirit.
Progress Report
Progress report will be sent to the parents of the students who do not perform satisfactorily during the course of study. Counselling shall be arranged for such students along with parents and faculty members.
Tutorial System
A tutorial system is followed in the college with the objective of giving personal attention to students for their academic development. Every optional class shall be under the guidance of one faculty member. Reports given by the optional teachers shall be considered and special guidance shall be given to SC/ST students.
Uniforms are prescribed. Students should come in the prescribed uniform sarees. Only on Friday, decent civil dress befiting the disciplines and sanctity of the institution will be allowed.


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